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December 2014

Monaro Manna Gum Murder Mystery – Part 3

Part 3 – The climate killer

We’ve solved the mystery, but can we save the Monaro Manna Gums from the climate killer? For the story so far, please read parts 1 and 2.

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Monaro Manna Gum Murder Mystery – Part 2

Part 2 – The suspects

What’s killing the trees? In this week’s exciting installment, we examine the evidence implicating three suspects in the Manna Gum murder – for the story so far, please read part 1.

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Monaro Manna Gum Murder Mystery – Part 1

Across large areas of the Monaro region of NSW, the trees are dying. Over the last decade, the Manna Gums or Eucalyptus viminalis have been gradually declining in health and now stand like skeletons in huge tree graveyards. But what is causing this mass dieback? As an honours student I was given the task of investigating this intriguing mystery, and over the next three weeks I will take you through the tricky detective work that led me to a (possible!) solution.

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Welcome to Scribbly Gum

Hello and welcome to Scribbly Gum! I am excited to finally be starting this blog, which I hope will be a place for me to reflect on and discuss my own and others’ research, my experience as a PhD student, and general thoughts and musings on an ecological/environmental sciencey theme. I have been so inspired recently by other researchers and the fantastic stories they have to tell, but I think many young researchers feel like they don’t have stories to tell yet, or that no-one will want to listen. So for the time being I intend to write about the things that inspire me or make me think, and who knows – maybe someone out there will be inspired too.

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